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           Huda Info Solutions is a software company exclusively dedicated to develop high quality, cost effective Software & Multimedia  Products and Services on Islamic Subjects. The attempt is believed to be the first of its kind in India. Having focused our objective to develop software products and services in the regional languages of India, Huda Info Solutions is not a profit-motivated company. The company is proud to be headed and guided by the well known Islamic Scholar and Writer Cheriyamundam Abdul Hameed Madani . Our first product Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0 is first ever Islamic Software in Indian Languages. Huda Info Solutions is an independent company and not connected to any Islamic Organisations.              

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Huda Info Solutions ,
Near Bus Stand, Chembra Road
Malappuram (Dt)- Kerala
PIN : 676101
Ph : 0494-3291301, 093491 - 36809
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  is the first quran website  to provide the complete Malayalam Translation of Holy Quran. The Online Quran Translation (Malayalam Quran Paribasha, Malayalam Quran Paribhasha, Malayala Paribasha, Malayala Paribhasha) facility allows the user to view the Translation of Any Aya of Holy Qur'an. The site also provides the user to search any Malayalam words inside the Quraan Translation. The online searching facility uses a highly intelligent searching algorithm to search any words in Malayalam. The Translation by Cheriyamundam Abdul Hamid Madani & Kunhu Mohammed Parappur is used in Online Quran Translation. 

              Holy Quran Malayalam English Translation V1.0 is the first product of Huda Info Solutions is the first ever Quran Software in Indian Languages.

Main Features of the Product

1)   Malayalam Translation by Cheriyamundam Abdul Hameed Madani & Kunhi Mohammed Parappur
2)   English Translations by Abdullah Yusuf Ali and Mohammed Pikthall.
3)   Comparison of English and Malayalam Translation.
4)   Colorful Arabic Text.
5)   Learning and Memorising facility.
6)   Videos and Images related to Quran with related Ayas and descriptions.
7)   Enhanced searching facility in Malayalam as well as in English.
8)   Highly intelligent algorithm to Search Malayalam words in the Translation.
9)   Onscreen Keyboard for Malayalam Typing.
10)  Complete Recitation of Holy Quran.
11)  Inforamation about every Surahs in Holy Quran.
12)  Easy to use Interface ( easy for beginner as well expert user)
13)  Strain free and Excellent graphics.
14)  Complete Keyboard shorcuts. ( can use without the use of a Mouse)
15)  Excellent Help System.
16)  Complete Malayalam Interface ( very useful for those who don't know English )
17)  Excellent Online Support.
18)  more & more ...................

           The product allows the user to select any ayah of the Holy Quran, can view the Arabic Script, Malayalam Translation, English Translation, can hear the recitaion of the selected Ayah. The software has special facility to learn & memorise holy quran. The software allows the user to see images & videos related qur'an & Islam, can view their related Ayahs in Quran  and can understand their historic importance. The videos & images are mainly selected from "Through Historic Lands of Qur-an" a video film directed by Prof : Abdu Razak Sullami & Prof : Musthafa Kamal Pasha.The product contains 4 videso (1) Deadbody of Pharoah ( Firoun) (2) Dead Sea (3) Habitat of Thamud Tribe. It contains more than 100 islamic images ( islamic pictures ) related to islamic history. The images include Habitat of Aad Tribe, Masjidul Aqsa, Masjidul Haram, Masjidul Quba, Masjidunnabavi, Masjidul Jumua', Wall of Dul-Quarnayne, Palace of Qarun, Temple of Nimrod ( Namrood), Cave of Seven Sleepers, Sinai Valley, Mount Sinai, Mount Tur, Mount Thour, Cave of Sour, Thua valley, Dam of Ma-arib, Palace of Queen Balquees ( Queen Sheba), Ka'aba, Hajarul Asvad, Jabal Al-Rahma, Nameera Masjid, Mina Tent, Meena Jamrah, Cave Hira, War site of Badar ( Badr) & Uhud, Khiber Fort, Makkah, Madeenah etc.  The software has enhanced searching facility based on Words, Subjects, Names in Quran. The search facility is available in Malayalam & English.

Location of Huda Info Solutions

Huda Info Solutions officially started in May 2002. It is located 100 mtr from Tirur Municipal Bus Stand & 500 mtr from Tirur railway station. It is located near Guide, Centre for Advanced Studies & Information Technolgy ( Guide College Tirur) ,  major educational institute in Tirur.

Team of Huda Info Solutions
(1)  Cheriya mundam Abdul Hameed Madani  ( Cheif Editor ) -  
(2)  Rafeeque Mohamed ( Software Developer) - Tirurangadi , Guide Tirur
(3)  Riyas Pazhayakath - BP Angadi ( Graphical Designer )
(4)  Dr. Abdul Naser - Tirur Nursing Home, Tirur
(5)  Noushad Kainikkara - ANH , CKP Enterprises, KH Distributors- Tirur
(6)  Dr. MA Moideen Bava - Mathilakam Appartments , Near Niche of Truth Office , Tirur

Next Projects

Huda Info Solutions has many projects under its list.

Malayalam Quran VCD
Arabic-Malayalam Quarn MP3
Arabic-Malayalam Quran Audio CD
Malayalam Hadees ( Hadeeth ) Softwares
A complete Malayalam Software on Hajj & Salath ( Namas)
Zakath Calculation & Management Programs
Prayer Timing Software
Online Editions of Major Malayalam Books
Islamic Dictionary in Malayalam
Islamic Encyclopedia in Malayalam
Malayalam Software Based on Mohamed Amani Moulavi's Tafseer
Other Malayalam Software Products & Malayalam Multimedia Products on Islamic Subjects etc.

Huda Info Solutions has plan to convert all this projects to major indian languages. 
Major Features of this Website
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Surah 061-114 ( Yusuf Ali Translation of Holy Quran - This part is under testing)
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Sahih Bukhari English Translation
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Holy Quran Muhsin Khan's English Translation
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